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No. Our Experts Staff at Naturally Clean are trained on how to appropriately handle moving items safely. We will gladly move minor light items to clean any space. Most companies charge a fee, so ask about larger furniture items if necessary when making an appointment. We do make suggestions to clients before arrival that delicate items, electronics, and or planters be placed out of the way for cleaning. There are several items that we will not move for a cleaning like, pianos, dressers, cabinets, beds, clocks, and or other heavy furniture accessories unless otherwise requested by client.

At Naturally Clean, We offer the safest most thorough cleaning for your home. Our specialized cleaning will consist of Dry Soil Removal to eliminate Dust, Dirt Pollen, Allergens, and or anything dry that doesn’t belong to the carpet to eliminate resoiling. Then, a Low-Surface Moisture, Deep Soft Water Hot Steam Rinse Extraction to remove dirt deposits/ allergens/ pollen, and to finish off with our high output dry extractions which will have the carpet drying in no time. To follow the final dry extractions, the carpet will be meticulously groomed and post inspected to verify the phenomenal end result of a job well done. Our methods follow industry standards and all of our technicians are trained, certified, and maintain continuing education with is ongoing yearly to offer your the best carpet cleaning experience that will keep you coming back and always referring Naturally Clean.

Standard dry times range between 7-22 hours. This is variable due to pile heights, pre existing conditions of the carpet, ventilation, and or any other contributing factors. Once our Expert Carpet Cleaners pre inspect the job they with kindly offer what to expect with dry times. If needed, Naturally Clean will generously offer quiet air movers to expedite dry times subject to request and availability.

During the dry process clients may comfortably walk on the carpet if appropriate footwear is utilized. One must be mindful that bottoms of shoes can become slippery and precautionary measures must be considered. Ask out staff if you have any questions.

At Naturally Clean, we guarantee all work and if things aren’t quite up to par please contact us immediately for the concern to be addressed the same day. We operate on strict guidelines regarding client retention and satisfaction on every job. Any of our Lead Technicians will conduct a full walk through of the job, which is then followed up with phone call within 24 hours to verify post inspection when dry. If anything isn’t correct we will come out free of charge to remedy any concern.

Absolutely! 365 days a year we offer 10% OFF for Military Active or Retired, Educators, First Responders, and through our “Referral Rewards Program”. This is our loving service to the community and will be validated with proper proof and verification. Please let our staff know when scheduling your appointment. Also, feel free to inquire about our “Referral Rewards Program” and how to enroll to save money on your maintenance carpet cleaning

The simple answer is yes, however, it depends on if the grout as proper sealer and what produced the stain. Upon arrival and pre inspection of the task our Lead Technicians will let you know in detail if there is any concerning factors. If something beyond cleaning is needed we will recommend that prior to cleaning to offer anything that may be needed. Upon stain correction and completion of cleaning, we will seal your tile & grout so that future stains cannot penetrate and become permanent. If any accident occurs please contact us directly for free at home maintenance tips and tricks.

Absolutely. If the conditions are too severe we will offer tile repair options. Please show any concerns to our Lead Technicians, so they can address recommendations immediately to determine cleanability and or potential repair work needed.

At Naturally Clean, we utilize state-of-the-art gentile yet efficient technology. High heat with soft water agitation while extraction takes place simultaneously. It’s a beautiful process leaving no streak lines, stickiness and or residue behind. Upon completion we will offer our “Seal The Deal” Tile and Grout Sealer which will keep your floors cleaner longer.

Yes we do offer in home are rug cleaning. Upon pre inspection evaluation, conditions will be determined if this type of maintenance cleaning will make your rug smile. Exclusions will include but are not limited to pet urine, bug infestation, mold/ mildew, structural damage from use, severe staining, manufacture defects,  and or severe traffic lane compressions.

If we cannot do it in in your home, our Lead Technicians will recommend the rug takes a short visit to our State-Of-The-Art Area Rug Cleaning Plant where it’s properly documented and inventoried for its Professional Cleaning Procedures.

Absolutely!  At our State-Of-The-Art Area Rug Cleaning Plant we have Expert Weavers that can conduct cosmetic repairs all the way to reconstructive full restoration of even some of the finest Persian rugs.

In our restoration department, we have the ability of repair any type of rug regardless of how it’s crafted. Please speak with our Lead Technicians for details.

Yes. We at Naturally Clean, understand the variability of dye pigment and potential of migrating dyes in Navajo Rugs. Our highly trained experts know exactly what to do. Our Cleaning Plant is recognized by The Carpet Collectors Guide as Top 72 Rug Cleaners in the World and all members go through yearly continuing education. Cleaning hand made rugs is an art in and of itself, so we understand the significance of appropriate care.

If the rug can be cleaned in-home, we will conduct a dry soil removal to get rid of dust, dirt, pollen, and or allergens. Then we will test for color stability to formulate a game plan for cleaning. Next, pre treat any staining to prevent anything from becoming worst. Finally will be pre-spray with Green Safe Products followed by gentle agitation and flush extraction to rinse. After the cleaning is done, the rug will be properly groomed and prepped for drying.

If the rug must visit our our State-Of-The-Art Area Rug Cleaning Plant, we specialize in 7 of the safest cleaning methods in the industry and we are the only firm in the southwest that specializes in 7 different methods. We believe that all rugs are made differently and should be respected as such. Submersion, Traditional, Full Immersion, Bonnett Style, Encapsulation, Dry Cleaning, and Low Surface Moisture. Our Expert staff will make your rugs smile everytime or you don’t pay a penny.

Yes. We do plenty of safe fringe removal and have several options for this procedure. Please inquire with our Experts.

Yes. We will look at structural integrity and determine what will be the best approach. You can either bring the rug into our facility and or schedule an in home evaluation. We can make your rug smaller and or any shape. Please inquire with our Experts.

At Naturally Clean, wood floor cleaning holds as our largest demand due to that fact of our chemical free approach to maximize shine and longevity. Our cleansing methods vary depending on various conditions but are not limited to, wax, polyurethane sealers, and or any other conditioners. Upon inspection our Lead Technicians will determine immediately what will be necessary to conduct the job and do it with superior confidence.

Your wood floors will be carefully examined for concerns first during pre inspection, then the floors will be pre treated, fully buffed and agitated for deep soil removal, waxed, and last but not least polished to restore the shine that make you smile. Our “Green” wood cleaning is the only way to get rid of deep soil deposits to preserve the life and longevity. Naturally Clean will restore the beauty they once had.

Yes. This is very detail oriented and requires a home visit for physical evaluation. Call today to make an appointment.